Saturday, December 3, 2011

Roxie's Corner: Year end report

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Bets was late feeding this morning.  I knew it would happen.  It was waaaaay late before the last lights in the house went out.  Humans haven't got the sense of us dogs; we sleep any chance we get.  Even cats have that many smarts.

She did find a New Year's quote that I approved of, and will pass along to you.  This is from Martin Siligman, "Do you think of your life as a battleground or a playground?"  Well, duh!  All us dogs know that life is a playground.  Don't humans realize that?  I feel so sorry for them sometimes.

Life is good.  I have to help Bets and Bob feed the cows every morning and night.  Those heifers are just too dumb to find the hay by themselves, so out of the goodness of my heart I drive them to it. Then I have to walk with Bets and protect her from wild animals, like coyotes, rabbits, quail, cats, javelina.  What would my humans do without me?
I would help even more with the horses if Bob would allow it.  When he is working with a new one in the round pen I could really line that pony out--you remember, I told you how helpful border collies are--but when I try he puts me in the kennel.  Sigh!  Oh well, there are always cows.  And, my kennel is close enough to the round pen that I can at least keep an eye on what is going on.
Temperatures have been in the 70's this week; the perfect way to bring in the New Year.  Bob studies at night, when he isn't watching football games or bull riding, and rides during the day.  What a life!  He doesn't even talk about retirement; what would he do different?

Amigo and Little Moon have learned to share the round hay manger this winter.  Well, Little Moon does get quite a bit of exercise running around the manger when Amigo gives him that look, so I guess you might say that Little Moon is getting an A in manger sharing and Amigo is somewhere around a C-and has room for improvement. At least there has never been any hair missing on either of them.

The neighborhood has hit the skids.  We have two, count them, two new stray cats, and a traiter who shall remain nameless is keeping feed and water out for them.  She claims they help keep mice away, and less mice mean less rattlesnakes.  Sounds suspicious to me.  Bob says the cats have hung a sign on the gate, saying "Come one, come all."

All of us in Arizona miss Ashley and Andy, and Elsie, the two-legged-puppy, but she is able to talk on the phone now, and Ashley sends pictures, so that will have to do until April when we all head north again.  I'll post photos the next blog.

Things I over hear in the round pen:  "Get to your horse's feet.  Know where each foot is at all times so you can place the feet where you need them."  Horses appreciate this, because otherwise it is just as if they stepped into their mouth when you ask them to stop or turn. Ever ride a young horse and find yourself thinking, oops, I feel like I could be in big trouble?  For no reason you can imagine, the horse is becoming more agitated and ill at ease all the time?  Think about your timing and get with it.  The response from your horse is usually immediate.  

Remember the critters during the holidays.  We like a few  goodies too--even fruitcake--although we prefer turkey or ham, especially with a little gravy.
Happy New Year,
and keep your kibble dry.