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Finding the Good

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Jackson Stables, Raton, NM April 2011
 "We all know people who seem to 'roll with the punches' so to speak, who are pleasant and cheerful through almost any challenge.  Generally these are the people with whom we like to spend our time, for they make us feel better about circumstances and about ourselves. It seems that good things gravitate to them, for they don't let less-than-ideal circumstances stand in their way.  They choose to find joy everywhere and to leave it behind them when they go." (Thomas S. Monson, "In quest of the Abundant Life.")

I bet every one of us knows someone like the above.  Would you share by commenting about someone who has made your life more joyful with their cheerful outlook?

I've been pondering about starting a post about some of the better places you have found to stay with your horses, some tips on traveling with horses and even some training tips that have proved helpful.  I realize that we need some guidelines--or rules--and we want to keep this simple so here goes: 1. Keep it positive; no critical or negative remarks allowed.  End of rules, unless there is a need for more.  I will go first, briefly, and you can add your ideas.

In Nebraska, we have two places we recommend that are comfortable for the horses and very hospitable and welcoming.  In York, on our way to Iowa, we stayed at the Diamond B for what was supposed to be an overnight, but turned into four days while we were waiting for a part for the truck.  The Diamond B is a few miles out of town, has electrical hookups, stalls, pens and two clean, cheerful, comfortable rooms for those who do not have living quarters in their trailer and want to stay close to their horses. (or maybe you just need a break from trailer living)  Diane is very friendly, helpful and accommodating. We recommend it highly.  Call her at 402-362-5439 or cell 402-363-4475

Driving west, we have stayed in Lexington, NE at Plum Creek Vet Clinic a number of times.  The stalls are large, with rubber mats and shavings, automatic waterers, and the veterinarian owner is also friendly and helpful.  It also has an electrical hookup and is easy to get to. We have stayed there at least three times. Their number is 308-324-2016.  By the way, both locations in Nebraska are close to Wal-Mart stores. 
In Raton, New Mexico, Jackson Stables is the place we always stay.  Again, it is safe for the horses, there are automatic waterers for the critters and electrical connections for the humans, and you will enjoy visiting with Linda Jackson, a retired teacher who has taken on a second career operating a horse motel. For trail riders there are trails close by, and it is gorgeous country. Call 575-445-9789 All of these places are quite clean and require health certificates. We will tell you about some other places later on, but I promised to keep it brief.

OK, just one more.  The Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel north of Socorro, New Mexico on I25 has been very convenient for us, the pens are big and there are stalls if you want. We also always meet nice folks there. A little extra are the adorable rescue burros on site. She also had the biggest donkey--sixteen hands--I have ever seen.  Now it is your turn to share.  Please let me hear from you.

By the way "tomorrow" finally came.  I promised to post this "tomorrow," about a month ago, so I guess it was a far distant tomorrow.  The next thing on my mind is another southwestern  recipe, or something useful on cow work or roping from Bob, or both.  Maybe next week.

These beggers were almost too cute to leave behind in South Dakota,
and obviously planned on getting a handout.
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