Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clinic Reports

The big and the small of rope horses and they both worked

 These photos will not stay where I put them and they are driving me to distraction, so, since I cannot beat them into submission I'll just post them the way they are and add more later on.  These were picked out a random.

Cheryl was recently able to buy back her sweet bay mare and is loving it.

OK.  So this has become one of those blog sites that updates once a year or so.  Roxie refuses to apologize for her extended vacation, so I'm stuck with the responsibility.  Since leaving the TA in Sept we have attended a Wendy Murdoch clinic in Ft. Collins, Co. that was helpful beyond description--both enlightening and encouraging--and Bob has conducted clinics in Colorado and Iowa.  Thanks go out to the clinic sponsors for making the sacrifices and effort that it takes to pull off a clinic, and to the good people and their horses who came for the ranch roping, foundation horsemanship, advancing your horsemanship and cow working clinics. 'Nuff said.  I'll just post photos.   

An Arabian, a Tennessee Walking Horse and some Quarter horses with owners in
the "Advancing Your Horsemanship" class in Iowa.

Linda has just thrown a good heel loop and is celebrating.

It was pretty amazing to observe Wendy analyze each piece of the puzzle
 and pick up the roping so quickly.  She is riding Little Moon at Ft. Collins.

The ranch roping class at Ft. Collins with Carol left front.

Working the cattle through the obstacle course in Iowa

The cow working class, or many of the them,
moving the cattle into the arena in Iowa.
We have the dates set for both the Colorado and the Iowa clinics for next year, and Bob will be doing back-to-back clinics with Wendy again next year, so contact LuAnn Goodyear at Last Resort Equestrienne center at Ft. Collins, or Cheryl Lieurance at Sperry, Iowa for dates and classes.

It looks as if we will be able to do at least one more clinic in Chaska, MN--YAHOO!--so check with Tom Hone early in 2013 for information on that one. 

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