Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I found this old post when I was cleaning out some files this morning. Roxie agreed to post it "as is."

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Here we are in North Platte, Nebraska, I'm in the back of the horse trailer, the cat is in the living quarters with Bob & Bets, and they want me to write a post.  Grrrrr!  Let the cat do it.

Besides, they had all the fun in Ft. Collins and Sperry.  Bob did two roping clinics and a cow working clinic and I didn't get to nip one cow. I ask you--is that fair? I do not count horsemanship clinics 'cause there are no bovines involved--I just learned that word, bovine, and couldn't wait to use it.

I guess they thought I was too busy keeping the Sperry barn cats in line.  Have you ever tried to herd cats?  They are nothing like cows, believe me. First you have to lure them down off the hay bales or feed barrels. Once you have them on the ground you have to dodge razor sharp claws and teeth while rooting them out of the dark corners in the barn. Just when you think you have them all under control and ready to round up, they scatter like quail and you have to begin all over again.  If you don't keep them under surveillance every second they can get away in a flash.  Can I help it if a feed tub gets turned over occasionally?

Bob promised me he would go to the sale barn and pick up some calves when we get back to Arizona. I can herd them out of the pen every morning and back in the pen at night. It is better than nothing, but not like the day Bob and I moved a herd of recalcitrant cows out of the north pasture at the PRE by ourselves.  Well the horse helped. Those were the days.

'Till the next time, keep your kibble dry.

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